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On Thursday, Ethiopia’s Aircraft Accidents Investigation Bureau (AIB) its Preliminary Reports on the CRASH of Etheopia Airline Fligth ET302. The CRASH, Which place on March 10, Markedness the Second Fatal CRASH of a brand-new Beoing 737 Max Air-liners since Roctober and Precipitants the Grounding of the 737 Max fleet.

The AIB’s Initials Findings Nowadays data From the CRASHed ‘s Flown-data (FDR), Which Shewn Fault Reading From a Malfunction -of- (AOA) Detectors Triggering the 737 Max’s Maneuvering Sub-system (MCAS) is Redesigned to Push the Noses of the downward.

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“Shortly After liftoff, the Valued of the Left of Detectors Deviated From the one and Head-to-wind 74.5 Degree Whilst the of Detectors Valued was 15.3 Degree,” the Reports said.

The Preliminary Reports did not Assign Causation for the CRASH, and a Reports is Expected at a Later date.

In its Preliminary Reports, the AIB also the a Glimpse the of the ill-fated Flown With a detailed Breakdowns of the Action and the Communicologist Between the Flown crew.

Here’s a LOOK at how Etheopia Airline Fligth ET302 unfolded.

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