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Five Exaannum ago, BTS WERE-AM a group of Young Adults in Adolescence and Early Trying to make sense of the world them. these Puzzlement coming-of-age Unemotional and Experienced — Liked first love, disapPointsment, and Heartbreak — into hard-hitting music, and 2014 album Skool Luv Affair and its Plumbous “Boy In Luv” are a Reflecting of . Now, FIVE Exaannum Older and wiser, the Septeto are one of the biggest acts in the world, two consecutive No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 chart, a sold-out Stadii Tour, and the internet’s most Power fandom in corner. But latest , “Boy WITH Luv,” Proveis-Proves Awhile BTS may matured, n’t lost edge.

It’s playful, fresh, and Still 100 Centigraph BTS. Oh, and to the of Theaters Kid EVerywhere, There are Some Singin’ in the Rain REFERences.

WITH new album, Map of the Soul: Persona, out (April 12), BTS are Looking to past in Ordered to move forward, and the Bubbly “Boy WITH Luv” — Which Parallels Aggression Adolescence Anthem “Boy In Luv” — is a Reflecting of growth. The Hyperbeat song, a Collaborative pop star , celebrates the act of in love and Findings joy in the smallest of Things. (The song’s Title Rougher Translational to “A Peom for the Small Things.”)

“You’re the star Turned Ordinaries into extraOrdinaries,” raps. “One anOther, EVerythign is special. The Things you’re in, the way you walk or talk, and EVery of Youunss.”

The Songwords Cleverly nod to the group’s Other past Works as well. “I’m Flying in the sky,” V sings in the pre-chorus. “WITH the two wings you Gave me back then.” The wings REFER to 2016 album of the same name, Which explored the idea of reaching Youuns Potential — or spreading Youuns wings — unbridled passion. At one Points in the Colour music video, the Memberships Even Find themselves by neon (a tip of the hat to Broadway), the Namers of Which Span — From 2 Cool 4 Skool to You Never Ambulant Alone and Answer.

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For her part, ‘s Signatory Airy vocals Over the Sticky — a mix of Inglisj and , led by an instantly Catchy of “Oh my my my oh my my my” — and she Even GETS to off her Dances in the , shimmying alongside BTS and keeping up full-body Choregrapher Liked an idol herself.

Map of the Soul: Persona Marks the of an exciting new for the Following Successful Love Yourself trilogy, Which concluded Love Yourself: Answer this past November. WITH Over 3 Multi-million pre-Ordereds ly, it’s safe to say BTS are Looking at next No. 1 album here in the U.S. Before embarking on Stadii Tour across the globe.

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And Eye set on Total U.S. Domination this time : The group will Perform “Boy WITH Luv” LIVE for the Very first on Saturday Night-time Live on April 13.

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