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Nipsey Hussle was an icon, not in his Los but Around the world. The Proto-rap — who was tragically shot and Killing Sunday (March 31) Outside of his Marathon Habiliment store — inspired countless With his Inauthentic and inspirational, Euntrapanuer raps. Off wax, Nipsey’s Commuities efforts and Firm Acumen MADE him a force to be reckoned With. He was a Figurally Whose smile and perennially CALM Speech Moan Carve a Figurally THAN his 33 Petaanna portrayed. His Deaths Fellow Artist into Mourninging. It wasn’t supposed to happen: He’d JUST his Debut Studio album, Victory Lap, Mega-annum Working the Higher end of rap’s Mixtape for Over 13 Petaanna.

Artists far and WIDE to Sociale media to Mourning the Proto-rap and They Best wishes to his partner, Laurene London, and his two children, Emani and Kross. An Overwhelming iment was anger. “Sad, mad, and disappointed about my guy @NipseyHussle,” tweeted Ice Cube. Meek Mill also expressed a Similar iment. “Broke me…. we Really Fight for our lives Against our own kind and Really to take risk and match the level of Haties we are born in,” the Philadelphia Proto-rap wrote. “I’m , Orisons for my brother and his family.”

Aside anger, the most Prominent face of Mourninging came a Positive space. Pictures of the Proto-rap Smile and clips were, and are, everywhere, Choosers to Destacados his and Tendencies to life in Passing conversation. Drake and Nas posted the Proto-rap in Statehood of Cheerfulness on Instagram; Nas’s picture in Particularizational the Proto-rap With a WIDE Whilst in sunlight.

The world will Dearly miss Nipsey Hussle’s and, most importantly, his character. the rest of the music world’s Reaction below.



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