How to move apartments on a budget

How to move apartments on a budget

“For those who cannot afford to hire a van, ask friends to help out with other distractions (like children and pets), whilst you concentrate on the job of moving,” Miles Shipside, a property expert at U.K. real estate website Rightmove said, adding that this can let you concentrate on moving more “quickly and efficiently.”

Shipside added that if you have kids who are old enough to help, find age-appropriate tasks so they can feel a part of the move. Joshua Becker, founder of Becoming Minimalist and author of ‘The Minimalist Home’, told CNBC he would definitely recommend asking friends to help out.

“Make an event out of it. Provide the pizza and soda while they provide the arms and wheels. But do your packing before they get there. Your friends, almost certainly, don’t want to help you pack up boxes from your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. You fill the boxes before they get there and allow them to help packing the vehicles and driving across town,” said Becker. He added that the financial savings will likely be significant.

Friends may even do it all for free — if you promise to return the favor someday.

If you do decide to go it alone however, Rightmove suggests that you should start moving preparations “at least a week before and pack a few boxes each night.”

“Ensure you label all the boxes with what room they will be going to in your new house — this will help immensely on move day,” said Shipside, adding that when it comes to the first night in the new place, pack the essentials and make the bed, so this can help you “feel revived and ready to crack on again in the morning.”

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