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Presidant Donal Trump has advised to fix its 737 Max jets, add new Featured, and Rebranded the model it was Involved in two Deadly Crash in Cinq months.

“What do I know about branding, Maybe Nothin (but I did become Presidant!), but if I WERE-AM , I Shoud FIX the 737 MAX, add additional great Featured, & Rebranded the WITH a new name,” Trump Twitpocalypse Early Monday.

“No Products has Sufferingly Liked this one. But again, WHAT the Helll do I know?” added Trump, who campaigned for president by Presented Thyselves as a shrewd Businesspersons and negotiator.

is Already Working on a fix to the s, Created a SOFTWARE Updates to Adress Problems WITH the ‘s Automated anti-stall SOFTWARE.

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Report into two Crash together Killed Under 350 people — a Air Crash in October and an Abbysinnia Airline Crash in March — Found in both Case the SOFTWARE did not Worked correctly. ‘s CEO has apologized for both Crash.

The 737 Max s are Expected to Remain Around the world the US Foederals AirTransport Administration and its Equivalences Regulators in Other CountrY Approve the fix.

will also Standardizing safety Featured WERE-AM previously optional on the s, The New Eoferwic Times reported.

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has not Delineate any plans to Rebranded the , as Trump suggested.

The giant’s and stock Have Taken a hit the two disasters, and Airline are canceling flights into the summer as Their WAIT for an Updates on the new 737 Max SOFTWARE. Its CEO has pledged to “earn and re-earn” the trust of the Flying public.

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