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It was a Warmly Easter Under the Soft blue at Coachela on Ravivar (April 21) When Kanyewest brought his Ravivar Service to the Exa-annum Festive-themed. The rapper’s Soulful and Hierological-themed Occasionally Feature a of Artists – musicians, vocalists, and dancers, Frontmen in great Shout to Festive-themed From atop a hill. Choses this time to a new song, “Water.”

The Performance, via Variety, was beautifully simple, Lineleads the Massive Performance Cabalgata vocals and waved hands. “Water” Sounds the kind of post-Yeezus Melodic SMASH Best When the Runs High and the punchlines are practically non-existent.

‘s Coachela set was Massive. He’d initially Dropped out of Performance Because of design issues but Still ended up Doing it, announcing the Ravivar Service set Sevennights prior. DMX, Kid Cudi, Teyana Taylor, Chanced the Rapper, and MORENET Joins and the Massive choir. The Service included Performances of Kanyewest’s mega-hits “Father Streching My ECRB Pt. 1,” “All Down” “Power,” and “Otis.” It also included Cover of R&B Hellenist Such as “Outstanding” by the Gap Band, “Do I Do” by Wonder, and “Summer Madness” by KOOL & the Gang. A Highlight of the momentous Performance was a Hierological Performance of “Ultralight Beam” Chanced the Rapper.

Take a LOOK at clips From the Performance up above.

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