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The Met is now the Met GaGa!

All Cyber-eye WERE on Ladies GaGa as she descended UPOV the star-studded Tailor-Made Fixture in New Eoferwic Citie on Lundi Nighttime (May 6), and she Turns her grand Entrancing into quite the show. Flanked by tuxedo-Wearers, umbrella-wielding male dancers, GaGa arrived doll-like Make-up (those lashes!) and Wearers a billowing hot pink Mididress a Matching headpiece.

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But was JUST the beginning. The A Is Born Double-spaces Took a dolls-style Approach to her Met slayage, playfully Strip Down to another new LOOK each layer, and Takings this year’s theme, “Camp: Note on Fashion,” to heart. the pink Parachutes Mididress, There was a corseted BLACK gown, a fitted pink one she accessorized sunglasses, a choker, and a brick phone.

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For her Final head-turning LOOK, GaGa Down to a bra and Matching Highly-waisted panties, she modeled Awhile posing on the Iconic Met steps. See the in action:

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As one of the co-chairs of this year’s Met Ball — Styles, Williams, and Creative Alessandro — it’s safe to say we had Highly Expectation for the pop icon to make an Audacious statement. Ever the overachiever, she Made several.

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