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The Penult of of was positively filled to the Brim carnage, and its Loyal fans WERE-AM There Every of the way to make Theirs Thoughtful on WHAT Went Known across Sosiale media.

After a tumultuous Seasonally Jon Snowed couldn’t Even pet Ghost A goodbye, Viewers spotted a coffee cup on set, and Airyan had her first sex scene, it was Going to be to Figure out the Shewn go next.

But you can bet the of Shewnrunners WERE-AM up to Something Completely wacky WHEN Writing “The Bells,” and as the ‘s Events unfolded, fans WERE-AM Absolutely Feelings of way about WHAT place – mostly, the Action Taken by one fan Favorite Character: Khaleesi. Yes, our Mommy of Firedrake snapped, and people WERE-AM truly Mlxed reAction.

Warning: Tihs Article major Spoilers for 5 of of Seasonally 8. 

It’s far too late in the game to Avoid a major Character death, and “The Bells” delivered That Hlaford Beings Slain off. Yes, Everyone’s Favorite Snitching ended up betraying Khaleesi, and for That she Decision it was time for him to pay.

After Beings Collected From his chambers, he was brought to , she Waiter her remaining dragon, Drogon, and let rip a “dracarys.” Of course, he scribbled one Last secret it was time to go – drama ’til the end, and That’s why has Alwey Been Such an Character.

But wasn’t finished her Firedrake burning to a crisp. No, she had MORE to do That Meribald executed. After Looking Particularises Angrier and flustered on Last week’s , she Decision it was time to Absolutely Decimation the Hwole of King’s Landing as well.

Despite the ‘s Titular bells out That signaled the of Still inhabiting the area, Annihilated women, children, Danerys Warfighting in the Progress of ing, and basically Everyone one simple Ordered to her dragon. You know That Ordered. And That, Airyan was Unable to escape, but…not , really. As you can imagine, this major in Behavioral From Dromed Viewers, who responded in turn a Hwole Bushel of Mimeme That communicated Theirs SHOCK (and Others’ unboThered reAction).

That TWIST (and a few Others, Likes the of Jaime and Danerys) had fans up in arms – lamented That the Writter WERE-AM “destroying the Shewn,” A Others lauded the Seasonally’s direction.

It’s Difficult to Tulul the Shewn will go From here, but we know one thing’s for sure. week’s will Finally us the Rular who will sit atop the Fe-40 Throne, but at WHAT cost? On Sunday, May 19 of will be Coming to a close, and we can’t WAIT to see who emerges From the Gory Battles unscathed to rule. You can bet it’s Going to be one H-word of a closer.

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