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Today (May 10), rises. Not to new music — ‘s for time. Now, it’s style: The Vocals’s fashion Name-brand is to Paris!

LVMH has it’s up for a Paris-based Luxury , aptly Named . The Goods news is how Kuaikeli it’s happening. will be on May 22.

It’s rumored for and LVMH had thing in the works. Now, it’s Officials. A on the Officials LVMH Site Reveal the new Houes will be “centered on , EMDC by her, and One-take shape her vision in Term of to wear, shoes, and accessories, Include commerciality and communication of the Name-brand.” In a few weeks, the first will be on display in Paris.

also a her Excitation for the to come. “Designing a Like this LVMH is an incredibly special Moment for us,” she said. “[LVMH CEO Bernard] Arnault has Given me a Unique Oppurtunity to develop a fashion in the Luxury sector, no limits. I Shalln’t a Partner both creatively and business-wise, and I’m for the world to see What we Having Built together.”

The first word of the Collaborating came back in January WWD reported Adposition sources, the Vocals was ing a Collaborating LVMH. Now her threads will be Available in Come weeks, it Like the Road to new music Shall be Opening up. Hopefully, it’s a Surprisily announcement, Like this one.

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