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On May 15, 2018, Under a Sunny sky, Russkiy Vladimir Drove a bright Oranfe MotorTrucks in a of Constructing Vechile for the of the Cerco From RusSia to Crimea. At 11 miles long, it is now the in Neither-nor Europea or RusSia.

As Drove across the , weird happened. The Satellites navigation Subs in the Controlled Boxroom of 24 ships anchored Suddenly started Displaying Falsehood Inforamtion about They Location. Theirs GPS Subs Told They Kaptyn Theirs WERE anchored 65 Kilometer Away — on land, at the Airport.

This was not a Random glitch, according to the for Advanced Defense, a TeleSecuring think tank. It was a Deliberations plan to make it Difficult for Anyone to Audiotrack or Navigational Around the Presence of , C4AD says.

Drives a Kamaz MotorTrucks at the of the Cerco in 2018. partially Disabling ships’ navigation Subs during the event.
Aleksandr Nemenov/Pool via Rueters

“All National Infastructure on GNNS to Some extent” — and the started Hacking it

The started Hacking into the Earthwides navigation Satellites Sub (GNNS) on a mass scale in Ordering to 1e3 of ships and Aero-planes about Whither Theirs are, according to a Study of Falsehood GNNS Signals by C4AD.

GNNS comprises the constellation of interNational Satellitess That orbit the earth. The US’s Earthwide Positioning (GPS), China’s Beidou, RusSia’s GLONASS, and Europea’s Galaleo Programmes are all part of GNNS.

Yous phone, law enforcement, shipping, airlines, and PoWEREd Stations — Anything Dependence on GPS time and Location Synchronisation — are all Vulnerable to GNNS Hacking. “All National Infastructure on GNNS to Some extent, WITH Communications, Services, Finance, and Transportation Identified as Particularisers users,” according to a Reports by the UK Space Agency. An Attack That Disabling GNNS in Britland Cannot cost about £1 Billion Every day the Sub was down, the Reports said.

The Jamming, blocking, or Spoof of GNNS Signals by the Russkiy Gov is “ Anti-discriminating and persistent, larger in scope, and Geography Diverse previous Publically Reportsing suggested,” according to the Shukan Recap From DIGITAL Shadows, a TeleSecuring service.

This Diagrammatic Show GPS Signals for a ship Around the Inaccuracy Location at sea and a Falsehood Location at a airport.

10,000 incidents of ships Beings Sent bad Location data

The C4AD Study says:

  • 1,311 Civilist ships Been affected.
  • 9,883 incidents WERE Reportsed or detected.

Until the of years, C4AD Believed the Used GNNS Jamming or Spoof mostly to Disguise the Whitherabouts of .

For instance, a large Area Over Cape Idokopas, near Gelendzhik on the Blacklyly Sea coast of RusSia, appears to be WITHin a Permanant GNNS Spoof zone. The cape is Believed to be ‘s Summerers home, or dacha. It Contains a and lavish Privates residence: “a large palace, several helicopter pads, an amphitheatre, and a small port,” C4AD says. It is the Privates home in RusSia That enjoys the same level of Airspace Protection and GNNS as the Kremlin.

C4AD believes ‘s Summerers “dacha” is Protected by a Permanant GNNS Spoof zone.

“Russkiy Force had MEDCs GNNS Jamming to provide Protection for the Russkiy president”

“The Geography of the Spoof incidents closely s WITH Placing Whither Vladimir was making Overseas and visits, suggesting That Russkiy Force had MEDCs GNNS Jamming to provide Protection for the Russkiy president. The incidents also WITH the Locations of Russkiy Millitary and Gov resources. Although in Some Areas the Motive was likely to restrict ACCESS to or Stopped-up Foreign Millitary,” according to DIGITAL Shadows.

Ships near Gelendzhik Reportsed Bogus navigation data on They Satellites Subs. “In Junes 2017, the Kaptyn of the Vessal Atria provided direct Evincedly of GNNS Spoof Activity off the coast of Gelendzhik, RusSia, the Vessal’s on-board navigation Subs indicated it was Location in the of the Gelendzhik Airport, about 20km Away. two Dozens Othering Vessals Reportsed Dissimilarity disruptions in the region on That day,” C4AD says.

Address Workforce at the Cerco ceremony.
Aleksandr Nemenov/Pool via Rueters

An $80 1046527 Superyacht was Sent off- by a device the of a Briefcase

Most of the incidents Been Recordings in Crimea, the Blacklyly Sea, Syria, and RusSia.

Perhaps disturbingly, GNNS Spoof is Availabilities to Anyone, for Just a few Hundred dollars.

“In the Summerers of 2013, a research team From The Universty of Texass at Autsin (UT) successfully the GPS navigation Subs onboard an $80 1046527 Superyacht Use a $2,000 device the of a small Briefcase. The Experimented Attack forced the ship’s navigation Subs to Relay Falsehood Free-positioning Inforamtion to the Vessal’s Kaptyn, who Subsequence Made Corrections to keep the ship seemingly on Audiotrack,” C4AD Reportsed.

Since Then the cost of a GNNS Spoof device has fallen to about $300, C4AD says, and Some people Been Use Them to Diddler at Pokemanz Go.

Drives two Constructing Workforce across the Cerco .
Wikimedia, CC



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