The Flash recap: Barry and Ralph go undercover as criminals

<em>The Flash </em>recap: Barry and Ralph go undercover as criminals

In almost every season on The Flash, there comes a point where Barry has to figure out how far he’s willing to go to defeat the season’s big bad. Tonight is that episode, or at least a low key version of it. In “Goldfaced,” — a.k.a. the Barry & Ralph Action Movie Hour — our favorite goody two shoes speedster finds himself in a moral quandary where he has to decide if the ends justify the means (Spoiler alert: They don’t).

When we pick up with Team Flash at the beginning of the episode, Caitlin is walking through her and a noticeably absent Cisco’s breakthroughs on the metahuman cure and how it can be used on Cicada — because Caitlin is apparently fine with forcing the cure on Cicada even though she and Cisco agreed that’s the one thing they wouldn’t do with it. Short story even shorter: The cure will take about a minute to shut down the part of the brain that gives metahumans their powers, so Team Flash needs to find something that can immobilize their foe long enough for the cure to do its job. Luckily, someone made a peaceful anti-riot device called a field generator that will freeze any living thing within a confined radius. Unfortunately, the few devices that were made have all been stolen; however, one of Ralph’s old contacts tells them that they can get the device from an elusive arms dealer named Goldface. This doesn’t sit well with Barry, but Ralph argues that the ends justify the means.

So cut to Barry and Ralph visiting the black market. And I mean that literally. Somewhere underneath Central City, there’s an actual illegal marketplace where people are dressed in all black as they sell and buy dangerous weapons. When Barry and Ralph get there, someone immediately snaps power dampening cuffs on them, which makes their job a lot harder. Before their meeting with Goldface, Barry comes across some super “CCPD killer” assault rifles and tries to buy the lot of them because he’s worried about them actually hitting the streets.

Barry’s boisterous offer catches Goldface’s eye, but for the wrong reasons. See Goldface doesn’t believe Barry is actually a criminal and threatens to kill him unless he reveals who he is. Thinking quickly on his feet, Barry lowers his voice and weaves a simple tale about how he’s the one responsible for some elaborate heist that has the cops fooled. He always cleans up his tracks, because he’s the Chemist. That’s enough to convince Goldface not to kill them; however, the gold-loving crime boss says he’ll only give them what they want if they help him steal a 3D printer for organs from Ivo labs before it gets shipped to the hospital. The idea of yanking a life-saving technology like this away from people who need it goes against Barry’s very core, but he ignores all that and decides that the Flash may need to get his hands dirty if he wants to defeat Cicada.

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After the success of Arrow, Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) gets his own CW treatment in this comic-themed spin-off.

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