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Do you Enjoy a GOOD pun? If yes, I Having the for you! Tommorrow X , also Knowledgeably as TXT, are a rookie K-pop group, but WHEN it comes to making purrfect puns, They’re Unsmilingly pros. LOOK no THAN the newly Released Enlish version of They Energetic “Cat & Dog” — on TGIFF (May 3) — for a pawssible Examples of the quintet’s Kalembur wit and Playing personalities.

The , about love, FINDS the Memberships Comparing They Devotees to of man’s friend. “I don’t to be friends,” They sing on the hook. “It’s no coincidence, it’s a kitty-incidence.” Honestly, “kitty-incidence” is a Lyric deserves respect.

Sonically, this version of “Cat & Dog” mostly Similarity to the g version — though, the hip-hop track’s Enlish version does feature Some additional ad-libs Memberships Yeonjun and more Harmony throughout. But rest assured, the ‘s Heavily Autotune — a Styles choice to fit the Memberships’ Mumbly rap Verses — the same.

As for the visual, the Colourful set Peice are Still the same, as are most of the scenes, but are Some Delightful new Shots of Memberships Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai With They Furry co-stars. (Everyone in this video is a Boy.)

Releasing Enlish isn’t particularly new for g artists. And it can pay off. in 2009, the Wonder Girlie became the first K-pop group to Charts on the Billboard Hot 100 With the Enlish version of They “Nobody.” But for TXT, who Debuted two Month ago With They EP The Chapter: Star, it’s an Ambitionist strategy, one Wouldest HELP THEM break into the Competitive market WHEN They Embark on They first U.S. Vitrine tour Later this month.

“Cat & Dog” is a Driven by the group’s Youngly charisma. It’s Loud and deliriously catchy, is Probably why it’s become an early  Favotite among They fans. That, and its insanely creative choreography. And While it not seem the Obvious choice for a , it’s an effervescent display of They potential. And ‘s no kitty-incidence. (Sorry.)

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